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     Mid-Atlantic Emergency Medical Associates > MEMA Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers

  Bradley L. Anglemyer, MD
  Melanie Artho, MD
  Douglas L. Boertje, MD
  Josie B. Bowen, MD, FACEP
  Thomas A. Brant, MD, FACEP
  Shawn T. Burgess, MD
  Michelle C. Capizzi, MD
  Cody G. Carpenter, MD
  Christopher A. S. DiOrio, DO, FACEP, FAAEM
  Elizabeth C. Dunbar, MD, FACEP
  Andrea M. DuPont, MD, FACEP
  Sarah Edwards, MD
  Chad R. Eller, MD
  Steven G. Folstad, MD, FACEP
  Nizar M. Ghuneim, MD
  Katie E. Golden, MD
  Joshua R. Hughes, MD
  Timothy E. Lietz, MD, FACEP
  Todd M. Listwa, MD, FACEP
  Harry M. Little, MD, FACEP
  David F. Locascio, MD
  Laura K. Magnuson, MD
  Daniel J. Martinie, MD
  Thomas L. Mason, MD, FACEP
  Amy L. McLaughlin, MD
  Abby L. Mofield, MD
  Jason A. Mutch, MD
  Jerry D. Nix, MD, FACEP
  James A. Perri, MD
  L. Andrew Prechtel, MD
  Sankalp Puri, MD, FACEP
  Jasper C. Ratterree, III, MD
  David E. Rentz, MD, MPH
  Lisa W. Rentz, MD
  Christopher R. Reynolds, MD, FACEP
  Joshua D. Sarett, MD, FACEP
  Stephen A. Small, MD, FACEP, FAAEM
  Erin M. Smith, MD, FACEP
  Sara H. Steelman, MD, FACEP, FAAP
  Gloria L. Tsan, MD
  Jonas J. Varaly, DO
  Jeffrey D. Warden, MD
  Lisa C. Wood, MD
  Stephen M. Yeh, MD
  Joanna E. York, MD
  James R. Young, MD
  W. Matthew Zban, MD FACEP
  Bethany A. Abernathy, PA-C
  Carlos Bolden, FNP-C
  Erika Caserta, PA-C
  Patrick B. DeVane, PA-C
  Matthew R. Diaz de Arce, PA-C
  Wendy S. Getchell, PA-C
  Edward W. Hales, PA-C
  Jamie F. Haring, PA-C
  Kathleen S. Jordan, RN, MSN, PhD, CEN, DNP, FNP-C
  Kathryn R. Melton, MMsc, PA-C
  Anthony J. Mignanelli, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C
  Jennifer E. Mixter, PA-C
  John A. Murphy, PA-C
  Clint D. Price, PA-C
  Theresa R. Reiner-Massey, PA-C
  Mark A. Roberts, PA-C
  Jonathan G. Sherrill, PA-C
  Sean P. Smith, PA-C
  Lindsey C. Taylor, PA-C
  L. Paige Sokolsky, MD
  Lisa A Thomas, RN, BSN, MSN, FNP-C
  Stephanie I. Wighton, PA-C
  Ross M. Williams, PA-C
  Mariya M. Hanneman, PA-C
  Curt Mullendore, PA-C
  Katie M. Mantie, PA-C
  Meghan B. Williams, MD
  Elizabeth N. Munson, PA-C

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